Chairman Message – Solarway
Chairman Message

Chairman Message - Solarway

The power comes from the energy and we utilise those power as per our requirement. Looking towards the fossil fuel availability in the world we thought of moving ahead with alternative energy which cannot be destroyed, freely available and no rules to avail the same. Solar is one of the alternative energy where there are so many scopes to do for our environment and help changing the shape of the next generation.

Solar Power not only helps people to get electricity from Sun also change the quality of their living style. I would like to thanks my Solarway india team who helped to complete this mission and setting up the solar panel unit. We are looking towards our valuable customer who will be interested in our panels and support reducing the carbon emission and contribute to their cooperation towards environments.Solarway india qualities of products are as per the international standard and process. Evergreen Solar Systems believes in high efficiency i.e maximum utilization of Sun rays and converting it to electricity.

Due to best quality and reliability of our product we are expecting to achieve our expected targets and increase growth plan for the next year. Also have plan to go backward integration.

Solarway india next step is to have our own EPC projects as well as setting up EPC projects in all over India. This will boost our strength making the solar panels and contributing to our customers in a greater way. I am thankful to my entire team members of Solarway india  and valuable customers who have given their entire efforts to make this possible.